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Bismillahirrahmanirraheem in the name of Allah the Most Beneficent Most Merciful,

Most people think that learning using flashcards are irrelevant in this current modern education. In fact, I just came across an article that says, “Throw the flashcards away!”  haha….

Believe me, the traditional way is the best way to educate our children. That is what I think.

So, why is it learning the traditional way is the best way? Remember our childhood, we use to play with slippers, rubber band, stones and etc.? My childhood is all about inventing something that I want. If I wanted a doll, my mother would say, “go and make paper dolls”.

This is where creativity comes in.

When it come to flashcards, we have to be more innovative. Not just by flashing the cards in front of them! haha…

Below are examples of games you can play using flashcards:

1. Memory game: Ask our children to remember the cards and close it. It is suitable for any flashcards.

2. Hitting game: Paste the flashcards on a bottle, and ask our children to hit the correct word using a stick.

3. Shooting game: This game requires a toy gun. Paste the flashcards on a bottle, and ask our children to shoot at the correct word.

4. Word Scavenger hunt: Look for WORDS SCAVENGER HUNTING

Guidelines to use flashcards:

  • Kids below 3 years old, use big words and less color
  • New learner kids, use big words.


I also prepared printable flash cards for Juz ‘Amma for kids. However, only surah Al-Ikhlas available. Insyaallah, I will make further improvement in future 🙂


Happy playing flashcards!








Bismillahirrahmanirraheem in the name of Allah the Most Beneficent Most Merciful,

Today we are doing copywriting. I prepared for the kids’ Islamic numbers copywriting. To download, click the link below:


Insyaallah, I will upload more copywriting for children the future. Jzzk.




Bismillahirrahmanirraheem in the name of Allah the Most Beneficent Most Merciful,

We are up for FUN LEARNING everyone!

Playgrounds are not just for kids to have physical fitness. They are for your brain fitness too! That was why I came out with the idea of WORDS SCAVENGER HUNTING while playing at the playground. Just sitting down and learn can be very boring sometimes especially for a 4 year old kid like mine. We can also test their IQ level by playing this game and they can also learn how to read.

This game also works well for all subjects including Quranic memorization, Arabic alphabets, English, Bahasa Malaysia and etc. If you are looking for different ways for your kids to memorize the Qur’an, then Insyaallah this game can help you a lot.

All you need to do is paste flash cards on the playground area. Then, ask your kids to try finding them.They will be sweating with fun, Insyaallah!

I obtained the  English side words flash cards from I had prepared the Al-Fatihah flash and Iqra’ flash cards for parents to download. For the Iqra’ flash cards, you need to use marker pen to write down the lines (fathah, kasrah, dommah and tanwin) so that it can be easily readable for kids. Just click the link below to download:



That’s all for this entry, hope your kids enjoy the games! 😉


Side words
“I’m trying to find my words!”
Pasting flashcards
Other kids can too!
“Umi, I found it!”






Bismillahirrahmaanirraheem, in the name of Allah The Most Beneficent, Most Merciful,

Most kids love Arts and Crafts.

They naturally did. But, when they attend the school, most parents thought that  Arts and Crafts subject should be less important compared to other subjects (Maths, Science etc.). At least, my parents did. Haha. Most people also think that analytical and logical subjects (Maths, Science etc.) are more important to get hired after they graduated. However, getting our kids to do Arts and Crafts is good way to get them exposed to emotional and cognitive skills. They can freely express themselves trough arts.

Last week, we prepared for the kids the shirt painting activity and they had done it at the playground. So, whenever they feel like having a break, they just ran for the swing!

For the shirt painting activity, all you need is:

  1. Plain shirt (any color will do, but white is the best!).
  2. Acrylic paint or shirt paint.
  3. Shirt Marker.
  4. Cut off stencils (I made the stencils from a plain paper. But, it works better using stencil cardboard).
  5. Exacto knife for cutting stencils.


Wafiah coloring using stencils
Iman painting using stencils
Alhamdulillah! our shirt is done!
My new friend Iman
We are team mates!


That’s all for this entry. Insyaallah, we will meet again for our next activity 🙂


Bismillahirrahmaanirraheem, in the name of Allah The Most Beneficent, Most Merciful,


Alhamdulillah, the kids have successfully performed their Hajj simulation 3 days before the last Eid. 

Even though they are still too young to understand, it was a good introductory lesson for them and they really enjoyed it! (I believe they like doing the Tawaf so much 🙂 )

Before they started doing the Tawaf (.i.e. going around the Ka’aba replica in counter clockwise for seven times), we explained to them about Hajj and they were made to color the Hajj Colouring Playset worksheet from Smart Ark. Using the worksheet, we created a pop-up mind map for the kids. What an interactive way to learn, Subhanallah! 

The kids coloring people in ihram
How do we go on Hajj?

Suddenly, Irfan  asked, “Ummi, why do we have to wear like this?“(referring to his ihram clothes).

Then, I explained to him the reasons behind wearing ihram clothes was to teach us to be humble, and that all humans are equal in the eyes of Allah. Only those who obey Allah and His Messenger and continue to perform righteous deeds will be rewarded.

How to explain in simple words about Hajj to your 3-6 years old:

  1. Ihram — Humble clothes. You and me are the same.
  2. Hajj — Meeting friends (Kids love when we mention about friends). Obeying Allah, our Creator. Completing one of the 5 pillars of Islam.
  3. Mina — Meeting friends. Love our friends.
  4. Jamrah — Syaitan is your enemy and my enemy.
  5. Safa Marwah — Your mother loves you so much. The story of Hajar and Prophet Ismail.
  6. Zam Zam — Allah loves you. Allah gives you water when you are tired.
  7. Ka’abah — The House of Allah.
We love Baitullah …

Alhamdulillah, that’s all for today. Lastly, May Allah accept our small deeds and for those going on Hajj. Ameen.


Bismillahirrahmaanirraheem, in the name of Allah The Most Beneficent, Most Merciful,

Related to our Fossil Fun activity, I prepared for the kids arabic numbers flashcards and they really love it!

Most arabic numbers flashcards available online only have numbers up to 1- 10, so I prepared my flashcards up to 1-20. Hope it will benefit us all, Insyaallah.

Click the link below to download.



Fun learning everyone,till we meet again for our next entry! Insyaallah…




Bismillahirrahmaanirraheem, in the name of Allah The Most Beneficent, Most Merciful, 

We found the idea of making dinosaur fossils in The Good Dinosaur activity book and thought that it’s going to be fun! 


  1. 4 cups of flour 
  2. 1 cup of salt 
  3. 2 cups of water 
  4. Colourful paints 
  5. Lots of plastic toy dinosaurs 


  1. Mix the flour, salt and water to create salt dough. Then roll out the dough so it’s about 1cm thick. 
  2. Use one of the cups to cut the dough into circles. Now take the toy dinosaurs and press one into each of the dough discs.
  3. Carefully take out all the dinosaurs – each one will leave a different dino shape in the dough! 
  4. Bake the dough circles for one hour at 180 degree C. (This should be done by an adult). 
  5. Once the circles are out of the oven, leave them to cool for 30minutes. Get your paints ready… 
  6. Now paint your crumbly dinosaur fossils any colour you like! 

And don’t be surprised if your little ones insists to eat them ’cause they believe these are cookies! 

Until our next activity, we hope your kids will enjoy making their own dinosaur fossils! 


Bismillahirrahmanirraheem in the name of Allah the Most Beneficent Most Merciful,

Asiatique is considered as one of  the MUST visit place in Bangkok for tourists. Not only it has beautiful night scenery, it also provides lots of games for children to play. Most games cost about 250bhat (approx 25MYR) per ride. I can say it is a bit expensive considering it as tourists area but it is really fun to give kids a try 🙂 Most market here opens around 6pm that is why this place is known as the ‘night market’.


Wafiah going inside the ferris wheel gondola

Located at the riverside of Choa Phraya river, we can easily spot the large ferris wheel. The 60m high ferris wheel with air conditioned is considered as one of biggest ferris wheels here. We had a great experience riding it and the view here was fascinating. The price for ferris wheel ride is 300bhat per person and 200bhat for children.

To get here, take BTS sky-train to Saphan Taksin and there will be free boat shuttle boat available to Asiatique night market.

Merry go-round Wafiah!

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-13 at 11.53.10 PMWhatsApp Image 2016-08-13 at 11.52.59 PMWhatsApp Image 2016-08-13 at 11.53.00 PM


Bismillahirrahmanirraheem in the name of Allah the Most Beneficent Most Merciful,

Yes, we are going to the library everyone…

Well, my daughter at first did not want to go to the library, perhaps she thought it was gonna be boring..books and books..I already told her library is all about books..hehe..

That was what I thought too…

But, Thailand Knowledge Park (TK Park) turn my library perspective 360° another way round…haha

With only 20 Bhat (approx 2 MYR) per day, what do you expect?

Actually, it was far beyond imagination…there was…

  1. DVD and CDs to learn
  2. Fun Children Reading Area
  3. Children’s Play Area (I mean lots and lots of toys)
  4. Children’s Art and Craft
  5. Large Room Theater
  6. Computer games

Most important of all, I love the beautiful library concept…

Ok, to go here, just take the BTS train to Chit Lom…and go to 8th floor of Siam Central (about 5 mins sky-walk from Chit Lom Station).

Playing computer games
Playing Lego Everyone
Children’s Reading Area
Wafiah cooking for ummi
Hexagon Reading Area
Circle Reading Area


Till we meet again, Insyaallah for my next entry…


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